The Influence of Generative AI on Cloud Computing

The Influence of Generative AI on Cloud Computing

The growth of Cloud and Generative AI is interconnected, with each driving the other's expansion.

Cloud computing is a very stable and mature field these days. Nearly every major company and increasingly smaller companies rely on a plethora of cloud computing services for their IT needs. All this is likely to remain same even in an era of generative AI but it is also going to transform the cloud computing field immensely.

Generative AI and cloud services have a symbiotic relationship. The cloud fuels generative AI, while generative AI transforms the cloud into a truly intelligent, self-managing platform. This combination unlocks unprecedented efficiency, ease of use, and powerful new capabilities for businesses and developers across every industry.

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Generative AI is going to grow cloud services

ChatGPT and Google Gemini can be considered cloud services themselves, but the real growth in AI will come from the custom training that will run on top of the existing open models.

We will see large corporations creating data warehouses and data lakes to feed training data for their custom models. This will see a massive demand for both GPUs in cloud (for training) and also other type of cloud services to orchestrate the whole pipeline of data ingestion, training and model deployment.

Multi-modal AI and cloud deployments

Another type of Gen AI that is going to grow over next few years is that of AI as computing interface itself. We expect Generative AI not to just generate text and images but also be smart enough to manage the entire Cloud for your organization. It might be possible to just ask you Cloud service to "create An ETL pipeline that ingests data from X bucket and and transforms it in Y format and store it in SQL tables". The AI will be smart enough to create all sort of resources with correct IAM roles for you.

AI might also look at your existing deployments and recommend you improvements and cost savings.

Cloud migrations with the help of generative AI

Cloud migration is a business in itself. How do I move from AWS to Google Cloud ? How do I reduce my dependency on Databricks and instead rely on more traditional data warehousing technologies ? A lot of these problems can be solved much easily by AI which can plan the whole migration itself.


Overall, generative AI acts as a supercharger for cloud services, making them more powerful, automated, and secure. This synergy will fuel innovation and drive further adoption of both technologies.