Exam AZ-104 Azure Administrator Prep Guide

Exam AZ-104 Azure Administrator Prep Guide

Azure Administration Unleashed: A Roadmap to AZ-104 Certification Exam Success


Microsoft Azure has become a leading cloud computing platform, and professionals with expertise in Azure administration are in high demand. To validate your skills in managing Azure resources, Microsoft offers the AZ-104 certification exam. This exam focuses on assessing your abilities in implementing, managing, and monitoring Azure infrastructure solutions. In this blog post, we will delve into the AZ-104 exam, go through the study guide and highlight valuable study resources.

Understanding the AZ-104 Exam

The AZ-104 exam, also known as "Microsoft Azure Administrator," evaluates your proficiency in various areas of Azure administration. The exam covers topics such as:

  1. Managing Azure identities and governance

  2. Implementing and managing Azure storage

  3. Deploying and managing Azure compute resources

  4. Configuring and managing Azure virtual networks

  5. Monitoring and optimizing Azure resources

Exam Preparation Resources

To ensure success in the AZ-104 certification exam, it is crucial to have a solid preparation strategy. Here are some valuable resources to help you in your journey:

Official Microsoft Documentation

The official Azure documentation is a comprehensive and reliable source of information. It covers various Azure services, their features, and how to configure and manage them. Familiarize yourself with the documentation to gain a deep understanding of Azure administration.

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn offers a vast range of free online courses tailored for Azure certifications. The "Azure Administrator" learning path is specifically designed to cover the exam objectives of AZ-104. Complete the modules, labs, and assessments to gain practical hands-on experience.

AZ-104 Study Guide by Experts

Several experts have shared detailed study guides for the AZ-104 exam. These guides offer comprehensive coverage of the exam topics, recommended study materials, and tips for success. Explore reliable sources, such as blogs and online forums, to find study guides that align with your learning style and preferences. Here are a few of them
AZ-104 Study Guide by Thomas Maurer
AZ-104 Study Guide by Rishab Kumar
AZ-104 Study Guide by Andrew Kelleher

Practice Tests and Exam Simulators

Practice tests and exam simulators play a vital role in your exam preparation. Microsoft provides official practice tests that closely resemble the actual exam. Additionally, there are third-party platforms and online forums that offer practice questions and simulated exams. Utilize these resources to assess your knowledge, identify areas of improvement, and become familiar with the exam format.
You can also take a free practice assessment.

Engage with the Azure Community

Joining online communities and forums dedicated to Azure certifications can be highly beneficial. Interacting with fellow learners and professionals provides opportunities to ask questions, share insights, and gain valuable tips. Platforms like Reddit, Microsoft Tech Community, and LinkedIn groups offer spaces for discussions and networking.


The AZ-104 certification exam is your gateway to showcasing your Azure administration skills. By leveraging resources such as the official Microsoft documentation, Microsoft Learn, study guides from experts, practice tests, and engaging with the Azure community, you can confidently prepare for the exam. Embrace the opportunity to become a certified Azure Administrator and unlock exciting career prospects in the world of cloud computing.

I wish you all the best in preparing and passing this certification exam.